• 14550 Positano
  • 14550
  • 14550 Moretti Milano Beige color fashion bag
  • Moretti Milano Positano 14550 Fashion bag
  • Positano by Moretti Milano 14550 Made in Italy Fashion
  • Positano 14550 rosa Moretti Milano

14550 Positano


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Indulge in the richness of Italian craftsmanship, where tradition meets innovation. Each bag exudes elegance and sophistication, showcasing meticulous attention to detail. The supple leather not only looks exquisite but also feels heavenly to the touch. Whether you're strolling down the cobblestone streets of Milan or attending a high-profile event, Moretti Milano's leather bags are the perfect companions. Their timeless design ensures you're always in vogue, while the superior quality guarantees longevity. These bags aren't just accessories; they're investments in your style, designed to withstand the test of time. Experience the allure of Italy with Moretti Milano, where fashion and quality unite in perfect harmony. Unleash your inner fashionista and make a statement with Moretti Milano's premium fashion bags – your passport to Italian luxury.

Length: 25 cm
Height: 26 cm
Depth: 14 cm

Number of Compartments: 2
Number of Pockets: 4